Like Pierrot the Clown
leave me bleeding on the bed. see you right back here tomorrow for the next round. keep this scene inside your head as the bruises turn to yellow the swelling goes down. i'll be wallowing in sorrow and wearing a frown like pierrot the clown

Kenneth Turan reviews Portrait of Wally for the LA Times:
“As detailed in Andrew Shea’s fascinating documentary “Portrait of Wally,”Egon Schiele’s haunting 1912 painting of his mistress and favorite model Wally Neuzil had a complicated, extremely dramatic history as well as a legal and cultural significance that can’t be overestimated… By showing how difficult and problematic righting a wrong can turn out to be, “Portrait of Wally” does itself proud.”

Egon Schiele, House on a River (Old House I), 1915. Oil on canvas, 109.5 x 140 cm. Leopold Museum, Vienna.

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